Hydraulics, Drainage and Stormwater

GSI has developed a wide variety of engineering projects in the hydraulic sector, including studies in hydrology, hydrogeology, watershed analysis, planning for major real estate developments, designs of water intakes and conductions, studies and projects in hydraulics and river mechanics, drainage of stormwater and maritime hydraulics.

We have addressed the Master Plans of Stormwater of large urban centers of the country, such as Gran Valparaíso, Gran Viña del Mar, Talcahuano, San Pedro Chiguayante, Pudahuel, Puerto Aysén, Puerto Chacabuco, Alerce and Villarrica. We have addressed the fluvial hydraulics of large rivers, such as Copiapó, Choapa, Tinguiririca, among others. We have also developed the hydraulics of submarine pipelines for the capture and discharge of desalination plants, as well as for marine outfalls.