International Activities

In recent years, GSI has developed activities in the international field, especially in Latin America, highlighting consulting works in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and the USA.

Washington: GSI developed, in partnership with the consultant group Costa, a consultancy for the IDB to achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Sanitation of Coastal Cities of Latin America. For this purpose, cases were studied in Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay and Chile (2007).

Ecuador: GSI developed for the Port Authority of Guayaquil the study "Port of Guayaquil Concession Strategies" (2005). In addition, we have executed together with the company Acotecnic the study "Consulting Services for the Work Supervision of Drinking Water Conductions of the Machángara South System" (2008) and for the Public Company of Telecommunications, Drinking Water, Sewage and Sanitation of Cuenca, ETAPA, the "Inspection Services for the Construction of the Works: Integral Improvement of the Wastewater Treatment System of Ucubamba" (2010).

Costa Rica and Guatemala: GSI participated in seminars in both nations presenting the work "The Routes of Water - The Experience in Chile" (2004).

Costa Rica: GSI has participated in the Seminar on Engineering and Construction Projects, giving two talks to the Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (2005).

México: : GSI has participated in a tour to Mexico City, presenting for the National Chamber of Consulting Companies and the National Water Commission (2005).

Perú: For the Private Investment Promotion Agency, GSI developed the "Technical Consultancy for the Marine Outfall and Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, La Chira, Lima" (2010).

Colombia: GSI has been invited to participate as an International Consultant by the company HYDRA Ingeniería S.A. in the "Development of Tender Documents for Conceptual and Detail Engineering for the CANOAS Wastewater Treatment Plant" for the company Acueducto de Bogotá (2011).