"This type of tools will be appropriate to advise GSI's clients, which in many cases correspond to government entities that carry out relevant investment projects at the national level and that require applying this type of concepts in preliminary stages, says Mario Figueroa Deputy Manager of Environment of GSI Ingenería".

The Ministry of the Environment and the Environmental Impact Assessment Service have published the Guide to Articulate the Strategic Environmental Assessment process with the EIAs.

It is great news to know that the state is moving towards a comprehensive analysis of investment projects. In this case we have started with Strip Studies and Electric Transmission Projects, which is an excellent start to introduce the Environmental Sustainability variable in the decision-making processes of public and private investments. We can already anticipate a series of associated benefits, such as lower rejections of projects by the community, given they are previously informed of investment initiatives in preliminary stages of planning; as well as faster processing of projects entered as DIA or EIA to the environmental system, since the evaluation will focus on specific aspects associated with the parts, works and actions of the same.